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Product Name:F5900 Glass Flat Bed Rigid Material UV Digital Industrial Inkjet Flatbed Printer

Product Details:
JHF F5900
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Detailed Product Description:

Higher precision, efficiency and stability

Dual servo motors for Y-axis, metal encoder, misalignment in front and rear sides detect and protect, improving accuracy and precision of each step. Platen accuracy is greatly improved by multi-point adjustment.
Three independent electronic negative pressure control systems make printing precision higher. 

Recirculating white ink controlling system prevents printheads from clogging and sediment to make the printhead lifespan longer. 

White color and varnish are optional, which enhance image adhesion, wear resistance, and make printing brighter and a more layered effect.

Fully automatic carriage lift system and customized motor ensure the precise positioning control of the whole platform, which meet printing demand of different heights at any position.

Vacuum adsorption platform, with eight sections, can open any area freely.

Automatic Ink Supplying

The printheads carriage is equipped with anti-crash media detectors.When the sensor detects  the obstructions on the vaccum table, the printer will stop the carriage emergently to prevent damage to the printheads and protect personal safety as well. 
Fully automatic carriage lift system and customized motor ensure the precise positioning control of the whole platform, which meet printing demand of different heights at any position.

   Ensure perfect reproduction of full-color images, fine text, and clear reproduction of subtle levels while reducing ink consumption. It can perform on uncoated rigid media with 1200×12000dpi high quality output. Media includes corrugated board, PVC, wood board, glass, title, metal plates, foam board and other flat media with thickness less than 70mm. It could be widely used in display planets, stage background, and large outdoor advertising, indoor posters and POP. It can create gorgeous and extraordinary indoor, outdoor, decoration, sign and screen printing products.